The Playbook
Series: The Playbook, Book 1
Genres: Adult, Contemporary
Tag: Sexy
I bring new meaning to the phrase 'Most Valuable Player'
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About the Book

I bring new meaning to the phrase ‘Most Valuable Player’

Women love me, men want to be me and my team mates loathe the constant
attention I bring.

Trouble always finds me, both on and off the field. I see so much
controversy the tabloids have my manager on speed dial. My life is a
non-stop rollercoaster of football, women, and sex and I wouldn’t have
it any other way.

Foolishly, I believed I was untouchable but everything changes when
I’m traded to Crystal Hill Football Club. The coach warns me to clean
my act up—meaning no more scandals—so from now on; I’m flying under
the radar.

That resolution lasts one day—twenty-four hours—before I lose a bet to
my new teammates. I never could pass up a challenge.

My punishment?

Five dates with girls of their choosing.

Five chicks I’d never even blink at, given the choice.

But, a bet’s a bet, so I’ll suck it up and do my time.

** This is book one in a five book serial, with each book 25-30,000 words. These books will release eight weeks apart **

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